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Dear customers and patients!


Please appointments that can not be met,

to be announced at least 48 hours in advance.

Exceptions are, for example, sudden, serious illnesses, etc.

Unfortunately, appointments that are not canceled in a timely manner must be invoiced.


Please understand


EU court: Az. 17 C 71/03

This regulation does not only apply to doctors: The physiotherapist, the masseur or the psychotherapist can also charge their patients a cancellation fee in the event of non-appearance or a short-term cancellation if a so-called exclusive appointment for the therapy session has been agreed. A treatment contract can also result from a verbal commitment from both sides. Cancellations are then only possible free of charge with a notice period of 48 hours.


Martin W H Fritsch

Practice Augarten

Augartengasse 30

2460 Bruckneudorf


registered with ÖGK

listed at SVS

Treatments via health insurance possible

partial reimbursement


Monday - Friday

against prior notification



Therapy prices from 6 p.m.:

1/2 unit        50.00

1     unit     € 100.00




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