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  from 2022
 Duration of treatment: 25 min. to 50 min. The prices depend on the type and duration of the treatment.

    Healing massage + osteopathy according to J. Gibbons                                                                                  

    sports massage                                                                

    functional massage                                                                                                 

    pregnancy massage

    Connective tissue massage + fascial stretching

    Foot reflexology

    brush massage

    segment massage



    Breuss massage

    Vertebral correction according to Dorn

    Pain therapy according to Liebscher


    manual lymphatic drainage

    Manual facial lymphatic drainage after facelift, eyelid and nose correction

    Tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches


    Electrotherapy : TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)


                                Pneumatron 200 (electronic cupping)




    TCM : cupping, GuaSha, moxa

              Face, iris, tongue and pulse diagnosis


    Functional gymnastics / basic mobilization   after the operation, 1 rollator is available free of charge in the convalescence


    weight training


    Moor packs, horse chestnut wraps

    Wraps and compresses (cataplasm)

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